CDBG Annual Income Limits
Current CDBG Annual Income Limits
Catagory Number of People in Household
Extremly Low14,45016,50018,55020,60022,25023,90025,55027,200
Very Low24,05027,45030,90034,30037,05039,80042,55046,300
Maxium Income for Category based on Number of People in Household

Our organizations service is available to all low and moderate income persons. Car Care Clinic uses the HUD Annual Income Limits Guidelines based on income and household size to determine financial eligibility. Clients are required to provide proof of income from all adult household members with income and a HUD Self Certification of Annual Income Form will have to be signed by adult members with income. Eligibility can only be determined after required documentation has been provided and the Self Certification of Annual Income Form has been calculated.

Re-Certification is required annually.